The Best Position to Conceive a Baby

The Truth About Sexual Positions and Getting Pregnant

The taboo about talking about sex too openly makes the knowledge about sexual positions to best achieve pregnancy very limited. The affairs inside the bedroom are intimate matters best kept private and confidential between couples.

This is how tall tales and rumors get around the gossip mill. Whispers and hushed tones mark the manner that this delicate subject is discussed. In the telling the small becomes big and the big becomes small. They then become the myths that relate to the sexual act.

There are various ways to calculate the ovulation period of women. Use these methods and devices to arrive at the most opportune time. Even then don’t forget that reproduction is not a chore but a pleasure. Rely on this kind of thinking.

The missionary position is the tried and tested position in sex over the ages.

The position is not that crucial to the sexual act to get a girl pregnant. It’s the passion and the sexual appetite that counts. The sexual act should be passionate and enjoyable for both partners. That makes baby making enjoyable.

Men and women were physically structured to attract and to complement each other in procreation. The baby making is a part of the overall charge to propagate the species. It shouldn’t be a difficult task. Sex should make it enjoyable.

Man on top as the missionary position is called gives gravitational leverage to the sperm to swim inside the woman to meet the egg. The barrel like form of the male organ is best pointed downward to the female organ.

Don’t make sex a burden or a chore. The appetite for sex should lead to repeated use of it. Intimacy and love also propel lovers to mate. This spontaneous act is the best way to get pregnant.

The sexual position is only secondary in importance. When in doubt do it the traditional way, go missionary.