The Best Position to Conceive a Baby

The Truth About Sexual Positions and Getting Pregnant

The taboo about talking about sex too openly makes the knowledge about sexual positions to best achieve pregnancy very limited. The affairs inside the bedroom are intimate matters best kept private and confidential between couples.

This is how tall tales and rumors get around the gossip mill. Whispers and hushed tones mark the manner that this delicate subject is discussed. In the telling the small becomes big and the big becomes small. They then become the myths that relate to the sexual act.

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All About Pregnancy

In 1994, the live birth rate in the United States was 3,952,767, or 15.2/1,000 women. The unintended pregnancy rate during the same year was 48 percent of all pregnancies. Of the unintended pregnancies, 47 percent resulted in abortion, 40 percent in live births and 13 percent in miscarriages. The impaired ability to get pregnant was 10.2 percent in 1994, as reported by the National Center for Health Statistics.

Understanding Your Body:

The Female Reproductive System
The female reproductive system consists of those organs that allow for procreation. These include the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus and vagina. They create an environment suitable for the delivery of sperm to a mature egg, they allow fertilization to occur, and they provide nutrition for the growing fetus.

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