How To Get Pregnant?

Here are the basic things to do to further enhance your chances of having a baby:

  • If you are on birth control pills and other forms of contraception, stop it immediately. Getting pregnant after being on the pill shouldn’t be a problem, as women generally recover their fertility within a month of stopping usage.
  • Take folic acid, milk specially formulated for women want to be pregnant and other natural fertility boosters to improve chances of getting pregnant. Taking folic acid is very vital if you are planning to get pregnant. Regular folic acid intake reduces the risk of nervous system diseases like spina bifida. There are now folic acid supplements that are available in the market that you can take in addition to eating foods that are rich in folic acid like leafy vegetables and bread.
  • Women can chart fertility to learn on which days she has the best chance of conception. You may ask your health care provider to advise on how you can ably monitor this.
  • Exercise regularly. This gives women extra energy and a healthy body. An aerobic exercise program is one thing that you should get yourself before you get pregnant. Other great-low impact programs that work well for pregnancy are biking, swimming and walking. They are simple and ideal to maintain even if you’re pregnant already because they are safe not only for the baby but also to you and for your joints. While you are pregnant, it is important not to do exercises that would raise your heart rate above 140 beats per minute. This can be strenuous for you and your baby.
  • One more thing that you should practice if you are planning to get pregnant is to have a habit of healthy eating. Be sure to pick a good diet and eat 3 healthy meals a day complete with foods from each of the food groups.
  • Most often, when you are underweight, your doctor will advise you to gain some weight. Similarly, if you are overweight, your doctor will recommend losing weight before getting pregnant.
    Manage and maintain ideal weight. Most cases of women with conception problem are due to overweight and obesity conditions.
  • Eat healthy foods and supplements as discussed, advised and under supervision of your dietician.
  • Avoid smoking and using illegal drugs. If you are smoking, be sure that you quit the soonest time possible. Smoking decreases your ability to get pregnant and if you are already conceiving, it puts your baby into many risks. Smoking is extremely dangerous for the baby inside your womb. One best way to quit is to seriously say “NO” to puffing a cigar, sadly because even patches and nicotine gums have hazardous effects for the unborn infant.
  • Change to live a healthy lifestyle and in a stress free environment. Focusing your goal to have a baby will keep you from staying late at night or going to a tiring party.
    You can start saving your energy and time by focusing on each other and simply preparing to get pregnant.
  • Drink plenty of body fluids and water. Keeping yourself hydrated health-wise is a preparation that will be a good habit for a pregnant-to-be woman.
  • You may also load yourself with lots of vitamins, minerals and other health supplements to boost your immune system in preparation for developing life inside your womb.

For men, it is highly recommended to have a sperm count and other sperm analysis. This will give you idea on how to improve your sperm strength and identify possible causes hindering you to have a baby.

An over-all and executive check up for both partners wanting to be blessed with a child is a good practice to observe. Also it gives you time to deal with any health problem you may not know you have.

There are some health related problems or medications that can affect the process of fertilization and hinder the bringing of pregnancy to a reality.

You need also to discuss and check with your health care provider other factors that prevent and delay your conception.