How Often Should You Have Sex. Part 2

Planning Pregnancy According to Time and Days.

Getting pregnant is tied to the state of ovulation in the femme womb. To preparing to get pregnant and to inviting a higher success rate, there are logical steps that can be followed in sex. Pregnancy can be planned according to the next steps.

A woman would be keeping track of her regular menstrual cycle. Taking such as a reference point, the period when ovulation is happening can be predicted. Talk to your betrothed and confide in him or her about the game plan on how to get pregnant.

The rule of thumb using this plan is to use two weeks as a measure. Two weeks or 14 days before the onset of the menstrual cycle is the richest season to plant the seed of pregnancy with the spouse who is trying to conceive.

Coupled with plan number one (1) above, the basic body temperature should be included in the play. A higher body temperature during the two weeks prior to the end of the cycle is the richest ground for pregnancy.

Acquire a thermometer that can detect minute changes in basic body temp. Better not be too reliant on the disposable fever device from drugstores. It takes only up to the tenth part in decimals. Ask you pharmacist for the right body heat-measuring device. The cervix of a woman is like the oil gauge of a car. By looking at the dipstick you can see what’s going on inside. White discharge alerts the outside world that the process of ovulation is going on. This timer can announce good times to get pregnant. Take it from the mucus that comes out from the cervical part and act.

Hundreds of volumes have been published about the correct ways to succeed in child infancticipating, bearing, and rearing. Science and medicine continually seek answers to human reproductive activity. Harness them for your use in pregnancy.

The world of digital modes and fiber optics has come up with a high tech gizmo that can home in on luteinizing hormones in a woman’s body. The gadget is like sonar beam of a submarine that checks ultrasounds under the surface.

The groove is that the female body begins to throb with hormones as a prelude two days short of the ovulate stage. With the spy radar the exact time for best an effort in attempting to be with child gets a surefire cue.

Remember that getting pregnant plays a supporting role. Make all your plans to raise a family predicated on the good health of the mother, the fetus, and the infant.

Position and technique of intercourse.

Pigs are very efficient at conserving semen – the boar literally screws his penis into the cervix of the vagina, obtaining a tight lock prior to ejaculation, to ensure that no semen leaks out. Humans do not have such well-designed mechanisms of technique – and perhaps this is because they are really not necessary. Leakage of semen after intercourse is completely normal. While many women worry that this means that they are not having sex properly or that their body is rejecting the sperm, actually leakage is a good sign – it means that the semen is being correctly deposited in the vagina! Of course, you can only see what leaks out , and not what goes in ! Most doctors advise a male superior position; and also advise that the woman remain lying down for at least 5 minutes after sex; and not wash or douche afterwards. A number of products used for lubrication during intercourse, such as petroleum jelly, K-Y jelly or vaginal cream, have been shown to kill the sperm. Therefore, these products should be avoided if you are trying to get pregnant . A safe “sperm-friendly” lubricant is liquid paraffin, which is easily available at all large chemists. While it is traditionally consumed orally when used as a laxative, when using it to make a baby you need to apply it liberally locally!
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